Here are some comments from customers...

"Thank you again, the pen looks amazing and the card, I like the extra touch it made for the experience. Great job and thank you."  Ed in PA

" I love the new pen!"   Mike in PA

"Karl, the pen is beautiful"   Vanne in Florida

"WOW  man the pen is so awesome!"  Vince in Brooklyn, NY

" I absolutely love my pen.  Thanks for the wonderful work that you did and for your customer service that has a genuine personal touch. Good work."  J.R. in PA

Thanks Karl! He loves it! He liked the story about your father and your tools as well. Really neat!"  Brian in PA

" She loves it.  She said to say thank you. "  Kevin in North Carolina

" I didn't get the opportunity to inform you how well my fountain pen is doing. I haven't stopped writing with it since I receive it. It has such a beautiful flow when i am writing. Many other people were very impressed with the way the fountain pen looks"  Vincent in Brooklyn, NY

They look wonderful and are perfect. Thank you again for all your hard work!" Peter in USAF

" Thank you very much.  They are beautiful!  My sisters loved them."  Ellen in Berlin, MD

 " I just received the pens and they are beautiful!!  Thank you so much and I'm sure the people receiving them will just love them.  You really did a terrific job - thanks so much!!"  Judy in Connecticut

 " I purchased your Orange with Black Line Acrylic Slimline pen yesterday at the State College Middle School holiday sale, and simply cannot put it down. It is the most comfortable and attractive pen I have owned."  Jack in State College, PA

 " I have been showing off mine at school and love using it everyday! Definitely my favorite pen (Long Clicker) I have ever had!!!"  Holly in Jamestown, NY

 " Thanks to Karl for all if his patience. I now have pens that not only look amazing, but have specific links and ties to me personally. Wonderful work..."  Devin in Texas

 " My husband was extremely impressed. This pen and pencil set made a great unique and personal valentines gift. I will definitely look to you in the future whenever I want to gift with a personal touch."  Adeana in Texas

 "...very happy with the pen! He has used it a few times and says 'it is a fine writing instrument'. He was completely surprised. Thanks again for everything!"  Kaye in PA

 " That's beautiful and perfectly what I wanted!"  Daniel in Washington

 " I received the pen today. It is beautiful and even better than I imagined. I cannot wait to give it to my husband for his birthday!"  Ashley in NJ

 " Five wonderfully designed and beautifully crafted pens made it to Australia. They were to be gifts throughout the year, but I can't see that happening  Thank you so much for some wonderful designs, and for making the process so easy - we really appreciate your advice and care."   Brett in Australia

 " I received my pen yesterday. I am genuinely pleased and frankly a little surprised at how enthused I am about this pen.  I really feel this is something I will keep and use for decades. Thank you very much, Karl."   Rodney in SC

 " Just got my pen today! Shipping was FAST and its perfect. Thanks a million Karl!"  Erica in Ohio

 " Ordered two pens, a custom classic American style fountain pen and and Aero pen, both with York Gum Burl. Both of the pens are great, the service and communication were quick, and I look forward to ordering more pens in the future. Thanks for everything."  Justin in Illinois